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Although some of the early information can be found in other texts the subsequent revelations in this book go far beyond what is available elsewhere; the revelations are new. How can I say this? Because the information was given to me and I found it startling, quite honestly it has astonished me. As the book developed and more was revealed to me, the books of Daniel and Revelation began to unravel and became more understandable. Equally revealing to me was the connection between Revelation and Thessalonians and its importance to understanding the end time events.

From its inception to its completion I never considered myself the author of this work but merely the recorder of facts provided to me. In effect I was the pen in a divine hand. The book reveals the one remaining prophesy before the return of Messiah Yeshua, a prophesy that has already begun. This in itself is evidence of divine involvement. The very title “A Bullet From Heaven’ was also given to me and portrays the true origin of the revelations contained in its pages.


Revelation says that the whole world worshipped the beast discern the scriptural meaning of the term beast and how this statement is no longer prophetic.


There are millions today who believe that their name is written in the ‘Book of Life’ but they are deceived, living in subjection to a falsehood. It is a falsehood that has whitewashed the whole of humanity in effect placing the whole of mankind in apostasy, that is, rebellion against YHWH (Yahweh). Read how, through this falsehood, mankind is unwittingly being prepared for the reception of the counterfeit messiah.


Discover what is said in the scriptures concerning the end time role played by Christianity.


Learn of the significance behind images such as the woman riding the beast and her eventual demise and the seven heads of the beast. Phrases such as ‘the image of the beast’ and the number 666; which I now know is not the number of an ‘anti Christ’ are all explained. Even the identity of the counterfeit messiah, were he is today and how he is being restrained is revealed and no longer a mystery. I was told how the counterfeit will adopt one of the religions current today but what was most surprising was to learn which region it is.


I am in no doubt that not only the contents but also the timing of this work is YHWH’s (Yahweh’s). ‘A Bullet From Heaven’ may prove to be the most controversial publication since the scriptures themselves.


The purpose of this book is to expose how mankind is being whitewashed with a false religious teaching and to remove the blindfold: hence the sub title ‘Man’s Lie or YHWH’s Truth.’ This book is a book of the truth, divine truth, YHWH’s truth and its reception will decide whose names are written in the ‘Book of Life’ and whose names are not.


If you follow the scriptures, if you desire salvation then YOU CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO READ THIS BOOK.

Clifford Fearnley

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